Why travel with Himalayanrandonner

We believe to have the best way to share up to the Himalayas with you.

We all got lots out of life through experiencing some sort of physical challenging – from climbing peaks, finishing an endurance race to recovering from dramatic injuries. There are lots to be said for the taste of glory and aim to recreate on trips. We’re not trying to show you everything to see, or take you everywhere there to go. On our trips we’ll give you the opportunity to push your limits or help you cross off your bucket list with a strong guiding hand at your side.

Actively Himalayanrandonner guides you, clever, funny, witty and charming.

Nepal tour/trekking/expedition packaging usually provide local guides, porters and cooks – and that can sometimes be enough, unless your trip derails in one of the many ways that reminds you, just how far away from home you are! (If anyone tells you everything is perfect in Nepal, caveat emptor! Things aren’t even perfect in all countries of the time!)

When you travel with Himalayanrandonner, you’ll have one of our guides, trained by government with experience to our ridiculously high standards, at your side. They’ll work alongside the local guiding team to smooth out wrinkles on the way, so you can enjoy your trekking trip – and let us worry about the inevitable problems and logistical issues that surface in the more remote area/region, but wildly beautiful, corners of the planet. If you’ve travelled with us before, we won’t have to tell you what a difference an exceptional guide makes in building that special trips which are known for, to make the absolute most of your time in Nepal. If this is your first guided trip,  you’ll for a real treat.

Culture and comfort
We believe travelling is as much about connecting with people as it is with the destination. When you travel with Himalayanrandonner, you’ll stay very best locally owned tea houses (and believe us, conditions do vary from tea house to tea house) and lodges , where you’ll hang out with your local hosts after the day’s walk. These are the accommodations we believe offer the best service and homely feeling – they’re chosen not only on quality of the tea house and food, but the people running how. We’ve built fantastic relationships with the owners, which guarantees bookings are held and legendary service is provided. Further up in the mountains facilities can be more basic, but the tea houses are always cosy and comfortable with incredible views, and we won’t make you sleep in tent.

We request to you
We want to know what kind of trip you would like looking for,  why you want to travel, what you want to get out of that trip and especially what you thought after your trip. We’re all keen travelers and hikers who live and adventure, so we know how important it is to know out what you need, and then exceed your expectations.

Physical challenge, adventure and achievement
The trips are sometimes physically and mentally challenging. Trekking in the Himalayas it means high altitudes, a different culture, language and facilities that may be more basic than you’ll used too. That said, our trips are designed for people who understand that a little challenge means a lot of reward. You might not be an athlete, or have even done any serious trekking before, but if you’ve got a little bit inside you that wants to take on a physical challenge, be it big or small, then we can help you light the fire.


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