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Namaste! Hello! Himalayan Randonner expresses you warm greetings and welcomes you to Nepal. We introduce you our company Himalayan Randonner Pvt. Ltd. Himalayan Randonner will be your best choice as a trekking company in Nepal, with nature love. So many companies websites including Tripadvisor offer visits to Nepal, so we advise you to choose and join us to do trips with Himalayan Randonner. Nepal is blessed with stunningly varied landscapes, from the majestic Himalayas to lush jungles inhabited by one-horn rhinos, and lord Buddha's birth place, Lumbini. I am a local person, native from Laprak, a Gurung village on Manaslu route, working since I was 16th years old. I am based in Kathmandu city, organizing trips in Nepal connected with Government rules all over Nepal. We offer you a wide range of adventure tours destinations, accompanied by expert guides and staff, with a fully knowledge of culture, pre-history, exploring geography, flora and fauna. Himalayan Randonner will give you an enjoyable memory. Eco-friendly guides and staffs will fully take into account your safety when you are traveling. We are totally committed with welfare, our staff and guides will provide care insurance during the trip, making it successful. Do you want to arrange a trek or a special trip based on just your own special interest? Do you want to trek in a particular area with just your own friends or family and you want just someone to lead your group? Are you looking for a unique summer trek for your son or daughter? Or do you want to trek at your own pace challenging your retirement? Leave it to himalayanrandonner. A wide choice of tailor made trekking options in all the trekking areas possible in Nepal are available with himalayanrandonner for those looking to create a more personalized trekking experience. Tell us your convenient date and interests and we will plan a perfect itinerary for you.

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Dear Traveler, welcomes you to a great vacation and an affordable tour in Nepal. The choice of where you would like to do a tour and trekking is all inclusive with all meals, activities, hotels, a great itinerary, all airport transfers, transportation and excursions. A professional tour director accompanies you for the entire visit of Nepal during your vacation. Our travel packages offer all worldwide purifying hiking, mountain expeditions, peak climbing, and trekking to every destination in Nepal. Join the smart shoppers and experienced travelers who have chosen to be involved in that field since 1999.


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